Monday, February 13, 2012

630 - The Scars I Could Work On

Minis was finally, finally calming down. Fara and Ky and I dragged him out of the Imperial bed chamber.  It was funny but I still found Virani-e doing silly, sexy stuff like that uncomfortable.  We looked enough alike it was kind of like watching an older brother do kyash like that.

Min and Ky were so, so beautiful and Fara kissed and kissed me and my penis stood up just fine.  The Mahid hadn’t really done the same kinds of things to me.  I mean they didn’t really touch what I felt about girls.

We ran off to the Lesser Baths and we all threw off the boy’s robes and ran into the cascade.  “Did you see his face when he lost it?  Virani-e was so embarrassed!”

Ky hid herself with her hair, in the water, covering herself up with that blanket of silver/gold of hers.  Min’s wasn’t quite long enough, without the extensions he’d been growing out this past two years but he wasn’t quite as blushing red.

“It’s nice to know that those glass things work so well,” Fara said.  “My father thinks little ones could be made more cheaply with pottery instead of glass.”

“The problem,” Ky said.  “Is people’s opinions.  They resist ideas like that.”

Minis snorted.  “The pages article about this little debacle will make them the most popular thing.  Everyone will want them.”

We all had the giggles then, and I poured a bit of soap into my hands, sniffing the clean citrusy smell that Min and I both liked, since it had nothing to do with the heavy perfume the fat guy liked.  I really liked the hot water pouring down over my back and rubbed my hands together and completely didn’t notice them all giving each other signs.  My hands covered in foam,  I looked up just in time for Farasha to pull me far enough forward out of the water to not drown when she kissed me, holding onto my ears.  Min and Ky were completely in the water behind me and there was a lot of soap and I couldn’t tell whose hands were where on my back they just slipped and slid down my backside.

Someone slid... probably Min because Ky wouldn’t but then she’s well... fingers.  Between... Um.  I quit thinking around then because Farasha had one hand on a nipple and unlike Minis mine are really really sensitive and she grabbed me with her other hand, ran her thumb over my head and I was gasping air, mouth open, drops of water pouring over me, she let go and had her mouth on me now and I had to lean back against the other two held me out of oooh.  Ohh Fara has the most amazing mouth... and she pulled back to let the other two play with me a little and I got the shivers, even though the water was hot and when they felt me start to shake they turned it more into just holding.

“It’s all right Gan.  You’ve been working on this harder than I have –“ someone giggled, but it was with sympathy – “and you can do it, heartsbrother, husband,” Min said.  Something about that made me able to relax and when Fara took me in her mouth again... and I realized Ky had her hands on me too and wasn’t afraid, I was able to find my pleasure again.

“A... A... little like... stumbling... and it’s Fara’s... turn... next!  Aaaahhh. Oh yes, yes.”

I tumbled in my head, into my orgasm, held up by my loves’ hands.  Fara had one of my hands, the calluses I’d built up building her our caravan, Ky had her arms wrapped around me in a hug and Min had my head.  They weren’t going to let me go, they weren’t going to let me fall... oh, I think this ‘all of us together’ I wasn’t going to be alone and scared, and I had more and more family, and the holes inside my head were pretty small now.  I sank down onto my knees with my new family, rested my head in Fara’s neck, held onto everyone. The scars I could work on.

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