Monday, April 20, 2015

107 - I Wish Our Lives Weren't So Complicated

Gannara settled crosslegged onto a cushion in the bedchamber sitting area. “Oof! I ate too much.  Where’s Min and how’s this plotting thing he’s doing going?”

Farasha lying on her side in the bed propped her head up on her hand, shoving a pillow under her armpit and under her belly, smiled at him. “He’s up in the chapel or thereabouts with the Zak woman and as far as I can tell they’re pretty happy with how their plotting and scheming is going.”

“Has the Fenjitza said anything from the midwives lately?” That was Kyriala, propped on a chaise with cushion in the small of her back.

“Yeha,” Gannara said.  “Since couples have started sleeping in the Temple women are getting pregnant again. It’s a bit of a hardship but if childless couples can come to the City itself as an act of devotion…”

“That’s what’s started.  People are starting to call it the Pilgrimage for children,” Farasha said.

“Hmm.” Ky sat up, rubbing her shoulders.

“Here, let me rub your back for you.” Gannara moved over to sit behind her and she leaned back against his hands.

“Oooh, ah, ow!”


“No, keep going, it hurts in a good way,” she said.  “That’s all well and good for Arko.  But this childless plague has made it to Tor Ench and I’ve heard rumours that it’s beginning to hit Hyrene, though I’ve only had one person write me about it.”

“This seems to be Arko’s responsibility, at least to try and find a way of keeping this from spreading any further,” Farasha said.   

“We’re lucky that Minis is friends with so many other rulers or someone might, in a fit of rage, have accused us of waging a kind of war.”

“Chevenga's idea of an Assembly of Nations is a good one," Gannara said quietly.  "Even if the members haven't started meeting yet. The Assembly aren't even talking about choosing a representative. They're stuck on arguing how long they think they need to get Minis to talk to the Gods.”

“And we’re waiting for news from the North Tunnel and passes.  How is that prophet holding on to people with his ridiculous sermons?”

“I don’t know.  We should be starting to get wing couriers coming back any day now.  Pasen has to get more troops into place to keep the passes closed.”

Farasha nibbled thoughtfully on a bread stick.  “So there's more waiting to do. I’m liking that Ili has made friends with the little Haian girl, she’s a good influence on him, at least what Gian says.  He’s actually studying, though it’s all about animal husbandry.”

Ky laughed.  “At least Gian is able to get him to study about other creatures than domoctopus and horses!”

Gannara got up and pulled off his shirt, himself.  He was quite glad that they could tell the servants to go to bed early now, without everyone being affronted and stuffy that their services ‘aren’t sufficient’. “I wish our lives were more like characters in a novel,” he said.  “At least that way there’s only one thing going on at a time, not whole herds of them.”

His wife laughed as he tucked himself around her in the bed.  “Bad novels, you mean,” she said.  “Interesting ones have too many interesting characters.”

“So…you get to focus on the plot revolving about us,” he teased her.  “Having a baby.” He laughed as the baby kicked his hand from inside.  “Maybe that’s why so many writers write about orphans or loners… most people have too much family for a nice, tidy story.”

Kyriala hoisted herself up, smiling.  “And messy things like visiting the garderobe all the time don’t happen.”

They all laughed.  “I’ll stay up for when Minis comes to bed,” Ky said.  “He’s promised that after this meeting or whatever with Megan he won’t go back up to the office.”

“All right, dear,” Farasha said. “He really doesn’t have to follow his mentors’ extreme work schedules.”

“Try to tell him that.  Kallijas worked extra hours because he wasn’t raised up with the Imperial education, Chevenga was rebuilding the City and Empire after the war,” Gannara said into Farasha’s hair.

Kyriala smiled as she blew out all but one lamp in the sitting area.  “I have enough light to read by,” she said. “Good night, loves.”

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