Thursday, April 23, 2015

110 - "My First Impulse"

Minis stepped out of the way as Matthas scooped Megan right off her feet and carried her down the steps, followed by diligent Atzathratzas.  She didn't protest, which was enough of a sign that she'd over extended herself.

As he closed the door to the Imperial Chapel rooms behind himself, he heard the other Matthas's voice at his elbow.  "Minis, is she gone?"

"You don't need to hide in the tapestries, Bennas. She's probably asleep in the Taken-up's care. I never thought I'd see that -- a broken Mahid caring for someone else."

"So... I was listening down here," Matthas said.  "The broken Mahid let me -- They just implicated themselves in nearly every disaster we've currently got?"

"You heard correctly." Minis sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.  “My first impulse is to arrest them and their whole household and truth-drug the lot of them.”

“An admirable sentiment, Imperator.”

One pale eyebrow went up inquisitively.  “But one that is impulsive?” The question was clear.

“You’ve set people on the various problems.  You have someone who can apparently listen in on the Ambassador at will. And it seems clear that they are not working perfectly together. Time is on our side, not theirs.”

“So.” Minis yawned.  “You may read those.  I’ll speak to you tomorrow before my breakfast with the Ungilian emissary.”

Matthas tucked the pages into his folder and smiled at the younger man.  “It’s wonderful when your opponent underestimates you, isn’t it?” He fell into step with Minis.

“Hmm. They didn’t know that the Temple is helping us, outside the building now. Or that we have someone who understands any Fehinnan at all.”

“They tend to be pretty arrogant about anyone who isn’t under their own personal God,” Matthas said.

“So… did you underestimate Vitlak?” Minis’s nod indicated Matthas’s scarred cheek.

“Badly.  Her AND her brawny wife. I had one of the old Mahid looming over my neck, and—“ he shrugged.  “—there was always the hope that your esteemed Sire would elevate someone for something big enough.”

“But Ch’venga hired you, after.”

“He did.  He said he needed every Arkan who gave a fik – pardon my tongue—“

“No offense taken.  I’ll see you in the morning, Matthas.”

“Goodnight, Imperator.”

“Minis, please.”


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