Friday, April 24, 2015

111 - Almighty Mothers Five

The guards opened the doors to the Imperial bedroom for Minis, letting out sudden chaos. Doof was shrieking at the top her lungs. Bella was still with the Zak so she wasn’t barking or getting underfoot.  Gannara shouted “Guards! Get the healers! Get the midwives! Run! Run!” he saw Minis there and relief flooded his face. “Minis! Get Ky, she’s cramping too!”

Gannara had Farasha in his arms, stood in the doorway, Farasha saying “just get me…oh… to the Temple.”

“Oh Ten, we shouldn’t have… we just shouldn’t have slept anywhere but there!” Minis cried as he threw a lightning hug at his loves and ran past toward the bed.

“Over here, husband!” Ky called from the chaise where she lay.  “Thank the Gods you came. We just started cramping, both of us.  Farasha’s not bleeding.”

“It’s too early, it’s too early!” Minis scooped her up in his arms and nearly tripped over the dropped book on the floor.  Stopped.  Took a deep breath and carefully, quickly, walked toward the doors, after Gannara.  Servants were suddenly everywhere, and Minis shook his head at the carry-chairs being brought.  “We’ve got them. Send… Akminchaer! We’re going to the Temple. The women are suddenly cramping.” He knew what Ky hadn’t said.  “Ky is bleeding, I think.”

He felt her nod against his neck.  His guts clenched and his teeth. “I love you, Kyriala Liren Aan,” he said.  “You aren’t going to lose this baby. You’ll be fine. You’ll both be fine!”

“I love you.  Oh…” she held her breath and he felt her tense in his arms and he trotted carefully down the stairs, almost catching up to Gannara as they both ran down the spiral and into the Great Hall.

“It is an emergency, if the raised platform isn’t there, I’m setting my feet on the GROUND,” Minis roared at the door-keepers scrambling to swing the double doors wide.  He could hear Akminchaer behind, and a dozen other people.

“Ten… oh Ten… Anae and Mella stop the bleeding, Risae fix the problem, Dimae leash the Summoner, Selinae help us…” Ky panted and then held her breath once more.

“Munnas hold Your hand over us, Mikas aid Your Selestial wife…”

Their feet pounded on the walkway and the few people out late wheeled around at the noise and the light, some crying out in surprise.  Minis and Gannara had out-distanced their guards except for four of their new Mahid, who had paced them all the way.

The boom of their feet shifted to crack of boots on stone. Ky was weeping he could feel her tears on his neck.  “Gods save my wives and children!” He cried out as they ran into the sanctuary and he felt the world tilt away from him.

He slid to his knees before Risae, clutching Ky to his chest.  Gannara and Farasha had made it there first. Gannara had tears streaming down his face and Minis thought his heart would break. “Mother of Surgeons, this is too soon for them to be born!” he panted. “Please… help.”

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  1. Well. Given the parameters of the disease I have inflicted on Arko... all of their lives are in danger. One never knows who I might kill next.